N=1: Taking Charge of Your Own Health

N=1: Taking Charge of Your Own Health

What would you do if the love of your life was diagnosed with a life threatening illness? Or what if you were the parent of a child struggling with debilitating depression and anxiety? What would you do? Your answer is probably “anything and everything I possibly could.” For most people, that involves finding a doctor they trust, and relying on them to fix the problem. That is what we have been conditioned to do, and a trusted physician should always be consulted when a serious health issue arises. But should you stop there? Is that really “anything and everything you can possibly do?”

The modern healthcare system, with all of its advances, has limitations. Doctors are trained to use pharmaceuticals and/or surgery to fix most problems. The third party payer system isn’t designed for illness prevention. There is virtually no emphasis on nutrition, and when there is it typically falls back on a traditional food pyramid that we now know is seriously flawed. The vast majority of medical research spending (and lobbying) comes from pharmaceutical companies, who serve the interests of their shareholders.

Perhaps the biggest limitation faced by traditional medicine is the multifactorial nature of virtually every disease; in other words, diseases have a variety of contributing factors, these factors may manifest themselves differently in different people, and addressing any one factor may not be sufficient for treating the disease. By their very nature, multifactorial diseases likely require multifactorial approaches for prevention or treatment, addressing multiple causal or contributing factors.

Why is this a limitation of the healthcare system? Because of the reductionist approach to clinical trials. When a treatment (typically a drug) is being tested to determine its safety and efficacy for a specific condition, the trial typically seeks to test how that drug alone works to treat the disease. Sometimes the trial tests the evaluated treatment in concert with another treatment (chemotherapy, for example). Such trials can prove that the new treatment can improve patient outcomes from the disease, and the treatment may be approved even if the improvement in outcome is small. Here’s the problem: it is difficult to impossible to design trials to test, say 4 or 5 different treatments in concert with one another. How would the trial determine which treatment(s) actually worked? It could be any two or three really working to defeat the disease, while the others were contributing nothing. Also, trials are lengthy and expensive, so performing multiple trials on various permutations of treatment options would be impractical to say the least.

So, getting back to wanting to do “anything and everything possible” to heal your loved one; if you could try a combination of interventions that had anecdotally shown great efficacy for treating their condition, would you care if only a few of them were really working, while the others were gratuitous? Probably not. The sample size, represented by the variable “n,” in this case, equals ONE, your loved one. If it works for them, you don’t care whether or not you can isolate the “active ingredients” and apply them to a broader population.

A few examples of multifactorial protocols that have demonstrated success for treating or preventing diseases include: 1. Dr. Dale Bredesen’s RECODE protocol for Alzheimer’s (he identifies dozens of factors that can impact the disease) 2. Dr. Terry Wahl’s protocol for MS, and 3. Dr. Jason Fung’s protocol for type 2 diabetes and obesity.

When n=1, you are willing to try unconventional approaches where conventional options have failed or shown limited success. It doesn’t mean jumping on every fad, but rather doing your own research, seeking advice from experienced people you trust, and and listening to your own body.

Wellnesstheory was born from the n=1 concept. Our founder has a passion for self-experimentation. The passion was stoked by his success with stacking multiple interventions, both conventional and non-conventional, not only to improve his own health and performance, but to help loved ones who suffered from issues that traditional medicine didn’t have good answers for.

Why the name Wellnesstheory? It has been proven that inflammation and oxidative stress are linked to virtually every chronic disease. While correlation does not necessarily equate with causation, we believe that reducing inflammation and oxidative stress are essential for optimal wellness; this is our “wellness theory.” Each of the protocols discussed above (e.g. Recode, Wahls) include reducing inflammation and/or oxidative stress as key components. Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress are the bedrocks of many other protocols that have been successful for improving longevity, athletic performance and recovery, brain function, and more, Our primary wellness modalities, whole body cryotherapy, photobiomodulation (PBM or red light therapy) and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy, have all shown efficacy for reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, improving mitochondrial function, and enhancing the body’s natural repair mechanisms.

Here are a few examples of our clients who effectively practice the n=1 approach for taking control of their health:

  • MS and other autoimmune disease warriors who combine our modalities to systemically  reduce inflammation and pain relief
  • Professional, high school, and weekend warrior athletes who use our modalities to enhance recovery, speed injury healing, and improve performance
  • People of all ages who are seeking an alternative approach for dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and similar issues
  • Anti-aging enthusiasts who realize that the passage of time need not result in “age related decline”
  • High performers who want to optimize every aspect of their mental and physical health and
  • Weight loss seekers who have realized they can’t achieve long term results by simply “eating less and moving more.”

In addition to our wellness modalities, we offer:

  • Compression therapy to enhance lymphatic drainage and soothe sore muscles
  • CBD products (organic and independently tested for quality assurance)
  • Restore, a natural product to support gut health
  • Natural anti-aging esthetics and
  • Societe Clinical Skin Care Products (plant based, cruelty free)

Wellnesstheory does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. We are here for those who want to take control of their health, who want to include our cutting edge modalities as a part of their n=1 approach to self-optimization. Are you interested in experiencing a non-ordinary state of wellness? If so, we look forward to working with you! With our intro offer, first time users can try any 2 of our wellness modalities for only $40. Give us a call at (770) 515-9610 or learn more at wellnesstheoryus.com.