CryoLift Facial

CryoLift Facial

An Anti-Aging Breakthrough

The CryoLift Facial utilizes thermotherapy delivered by the revolutionary Pagani Cryo T-Shock device to reverse the visible signs of aging. The sharp contrast of alternating between hot and cold therapies stimulates deep layers of collagen to be regenerated. The elasticity and firmness of the CryoLift Facial is NOT achievable with any other non-invasive technology available today. 

The CryoLift facial instantly reduces inflammation ("puffiness") around the eyes and throughout the face and gives the skin a healthy glow.

The 45 minute sessions are administered by a specially trained licensed esthetician. The procedure involves first cleansing the skin, then thermotherapy application, followed by another cleansing and custom tailored serum application.


Single CryoLIft Facial Session                           $175

DreamLift (CryoLift and Dermaplaning)           $250

Red Carpet Face Lift

- (CryoLift and Microcurrent)                             $250

WellGlow 5 Session Package                            $800

Eyes Only 5 Session Package                           $350

WellGlow, 5 Sessions of Face and Decollatage                      $1,500

DreamLift 5 Pack (5 each of CryoLift and  Dermaplaning)   $1,050

Red Carpet Face Lift 5 Pack (5 CryoLift and Microcurrent)  $1,050

Wondering which package is right for you? Schedule a free consultation with one of our estheticians to analyze your skin type and goals.

Due to the deep penetration of the thermotherapy applied, the CryoLift facial may not be performed within 48 hours of receiving botox, fillers, or similar facial procedures. Our estheticians will be happy to provide a consultation if you have any questions.